probably one of my absolute favourites of all time, from ‘the people look like flowers at last: new poems’.

sometimes i feel like i am slowly watching myself ruin my entire life. maybe not my entire life, but the main things i have been working towards for the past ten years. and i can’t figure out why i’m doing it, or why i’m just sitting here watching myself do it. every time i think about doing something more proactive, it’s immediately followed by images of me slitting my own throat, which i would never, ever do, but since i don’t know what to think of that nothing ever gets done. so there you are, and here i am.

i just have to keep maintaining, i suppose, and figure out a way to make it stop, or make it not be so terrifying.


Kiki’s Delivery Service (1989)


Kiki’s Delivery Service (1989)

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“Art exists purely to show you a way out—of loneliness, of darkness—into a very select club of unique individuals which, as it turns out, includes absolutely everyone.

I cannot think of a higher purpose on this planet than to do your part in that great work. Finding the exits, pointing them out. Being the first through the door to make sure it’s safe. Opening the windows, letting the light in. Sometimes dragging people screaming across the threshold, but mostly just shrugging if they don’t want to hear it yet. Because the thing about loneliness is, it’s not a natural state and it’s not something that finds an equilibrium: It’s a negative space, a vacuum, with whole worlds poised and trembling to come rushing in.

Faith, Hope, Charity, Love: These are all verbs that accomplish it, on their way toward some other purpose. Art is the only human activity that was designed—specifically, and solely—for the purpose of reaching across time and space so that one person can say to another person, ‘There. I have felt this too. And now we are both so much less alone.’ To shred the dark into little pieces, and put things right again.”
Jacob Clifton, whose amazing, hilarious, humanist Television Without Pity recaps I will miss very dearly. (via girlwithlandscape)

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